Matt Palsenbarg

Head Teaching Professional/ Owner

The Tour Performance LAB @ Northview Golf Course

2016 PGA of BC Coach of the Year 

Matt Palsenbarg is one of the most sought after golf performance coaches in the nation. Matt pulls from his 21 years of experience in the golf industry as a player and coach to maximize his player’s potential. He has won numerous professional events as a player and coached and caddied for his players on the Mackenzie,, PGA and LPGA Tours. With all the accolades and successes with some of the worlds top golfers, his true passion remains with his junior athletes at the Tour Performance LAB which he co founded in 2010. Matt is a consummate learner attending seminars, conferences and certifications to ensure that he stays on top of the latest trends and advances in the game of golf. Loved by his adult students for his infectious energy and consistent quality of instruction, Matt continues to strive to help each golfer meet their potential.



1. What I do on my day off? Spend time with my wife, 2 kids and our dog daisy. Will never turn down a chance to go fishing. Maybe get a fun round of golf from time to time. 

2. Favorite club in your bag? Putter and driver. Love hitting them both. Driver is a fun club to be aggressive with and putter for the joys of a great roll. Making a long putt is the best thing in golf. 

3. How do you mark your Titleist ? Always have SHREK on the side. Then whatever from there. Lines dots or doodles. I don’t do anything consistent. 

4. Favourite pro golfer? Tiger Woods is the so fricken fun to watch. I always PVR when Adam Hadwin is playing well. 

5. Theme song to enter the ring? Anything Adele hahaha  

Matt Palsenbarg


Matt offers Lessons and Coaching as the Head Teaching Professional of the Tour LAB @ Northview - Hit the button if you want more information on Matt's  Services. Don't worry, It will open a New Window to his site so you don't lose your place on the LAB site...

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