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Boot Camp

For the past 3 years Coach Dan Naismith has been running a great program and in 2019 the program is coming under the LAB umbrella of programming

1 hour a week is ALL IT TAKES

Adult Group Classes 

The Best Beginner Golf Experience in the Lower Mainland

$139.00 per month

(4) x 1 hour group classes

Fundamental golf skills

Beginner Boot Camp is a must program for anyone interested in starting the game or if you are looking to brush up on the basics. Focus is on the correct starting position for the 3 basic skills in golf, putting, chipping, full swing, and the basic movement to execute each skill. The goal for each student is to look like a golfer and have the ability to practice each skill independently with confidence.

What to expect as a Beginner Golfer?

For some students "Boot Camp" will be their first encounter with golf - and that's OK. During the sessions students are trying to figure out what they are supposed to do, decide what to do or not to do, learn how to perform the basic movements required, and evaluate their outcomes. Students should expect their movements to be jerky, uncertain, poor timed and uncoordinated - and that's OK. Basic instruction and a safe place to learn is what the program provides, each student has their own station to freely learn at their own pace...
Over time something pretty amazing happens...YOU GET BETTER! - The student has determined the most effective way to accomplish the tasks and now starts to make subtle adjustments on how the skill is performed - basic skills become refined and making each movement more efficient becomes the focus. Golf skills become more consistent, stable, and enjoyable.


Green Reading

Speed Control





Distance Control

Force Control




Full Swing

Grip - Posture

Alignment - Stance

Ball Position

Balance - Swing

Types of Clubs



Movement Patterns

Something you won't find in other beginner classes - using basic movements and exercises to simplify golfs complex movements 



… And More!


Golf clubs are provided during class at no extra charge!

What you need to know before you register

  • Class size is limited to 6 people per time slot.

  • (4) x 1 hour group classes for just $139.00 per month.

  • Register below to reserve your day and time for the month.

  • Choose either Tuesday or Saturday below to view class schedule for each month.

  • Students will be committing to 4 consecutive weekly classes on either Tuesday or Saturday.

  • Students will meet down at the Practice Area upon arriving to the facility.
  • If you are running late simply find Dan Naismith and join the class.

  • Club are provided for those that need it at no extra charge.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact Dan Naismith directly

Cell - 778-822-4653


Booking Schedule


Booking Schedule