Private Lessons

for Juniors

The Tour LAB program is a small group, 12 month coaching program.  For players coming from a longer distance or can't commit to the 12 month program private lessons are available.


There are 2 prices for Junior Lessons.  Players that take part in our fitness programs and the LAB program get LAB pricing on lessons.  They also can get the benefits of LAB membership.

Since Junior Lessons take place in prime time hours of evenings and weekends there is a limited amount of time available.

Junior Lesson Rates

Matt Palsenbarg

September 2019 Matt will only take on 6-8 competitive Junior golfers into his membership  program.  He will only take on 6-8 non competitive juniors as well.  The reason for the limited space is due to the fact Matt really wants to give every student the time they need. At times having over 20 elite players was to much for the players and coach.  Please book the 2 Hour Consultation for $200 plus gst.  


Currently Matt has most of his junior memberships sold.  He is only excepting 1-2 Competitive players and 2-3 non competitive. Please book assessment to meet and talk about coaching. Membership starting at $350 per month.

Chris Lutes and John Shin

Junior weekend and evenings $140 and $120 an hour for LAB players

20 Hours $2400

packages over 20 sessions please contact a coach

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