John Shin

Teaching Professional

2017 PGA of BC Champion 

John is recognized as one of the top junior golf performance coaches in BC. John specializes in taking  the competitive golfer to the next level. His vast knowledge and experience from playing on various professionally tours around the world for more than a decade gives him a unique insight into the competitive mindset.  He has multiple professional victories, including the 2017 PGA of BC Championship. John’s diverse skill set is highlighted by his coaching on course strategy and risk management and what it takes to become an elite player. His students have achieved numerous victories in the local, provincial and national level and several have gone to receive golf scholarships in the US and Canada. His services are available not only to junior golfers but for anyone who is serious about their game and want to play at the highest level. 

1. What I do on my day off! (Your ultimate day: Snowboarding, Knitting, Eat corn chips while watching YouTube fail clips) 

Spending time with my young family.

2. Favourite club in your bag? 


3. How do you mark your Titleist (ball)-sorry John)? 

Blue dot next to the number

4. Favourite pro golfer? 

Jack Nicklaus

5. Theme song to enter the ring? 

"Nobody Does It Better” - Nate Dogg


​New Player Assessment    $89 for 1 Hour

Season Long Coaching Program

$2499 for 24 Hours of Coaching ($104 per hour)

Lesson Packages Adults

5 Hours of Coaching $699 ($140 per hour)

10 Hours of Coaching $1299 ($130 per hour)

20 Hours of Coaching $2399 ($120 per hour)

Junior Rates

$120-130 per hour for non LAB players

$110-120 per hour for LAB players

LAB player means doing Fitness

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