Dan Naismith

Teaching Professional

2018 PGA of BC Lower Mainland CFM of the Year

website - www.dannaismith.com

Dan Naismith is a “Golf Efficiency Guru!” His teaching style’s and Philosophies come from a certified background of the Titleist Performance Institute’s (TPI) Body Swing Connection. Dan’s comprehension of the golf swing, bio-mechanics, and technology make him an excellent coach for students of all ages and abilities. An active (award winning member) member of the PGA of Canada since turning professional in 2010 is thriving as an instructor for the Tour Performance Lab. 


·       NCCP Instructor Beginner

·       NCCP Instructor Intermediate

·       TPI Level 1 Certified

·       Certified Titleist Fitter

·       Level 2 Trackman Certified Instructor

·       KVest Level 1 Certified Instructor

·       EyeLine Putting Elements Certified Instructor


1. What I do on my day off?  Movies! "I love my down time - I'm a sucker for classis 80"s action movies."

2. Favorite club in your bag? Flat Stick - "Hands down my favorite club is the putter - 300 yard drive or a made 20+ footer...I'll take the 20 footer every time."

3. How do you mark your Titleist ? I get them personalized with something fun and place one dot beside the number - no real preference to color.

4. Favorite pro golfer? Tiger Woods

5. Theme song to enter the ring? Johnny Cash - God's Gonna Cut You Down

Dan Naismith offers Membership Style Coaching with The Tour LAB @ Northview - Hit the button if you want more information on Dan's Membership & Services. Don't worry, It will open a New Window to his site so you don't loose your place on the LAB site...

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