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Our vision is to provide the best possible coaching, personal care, latest technology and most advanced training and instruction systems on the market. Our team approach creates a feeling of belonging, inclusion and pride in our junior athletes. As a team, we support and develop together to build better golfers and more importantly better people. The LAB brand is recognized internationally as a leader in junior golf development.

The LAB is a coaching and fitness program designed to help junior golfers achieve their aspirations in the game of golf. The combination of golf coaching with golf specific fitness takes golfers of all skill levels to new heights. 

Our coaching philosophy is simple. Golf isn’t about developing a perfect swing. You need to learn how to play the game of golf if you want to improve your score! The LAB coaching staff takes a 360 degree approach to coaching and believe in mentoring golfers not just instructing them! 

Our philosophy on fitness? The nervous system you use in the gym is the same nervous system you take to the first tee. Developing a better athlete in the gym results in a more powerful and dynamic golfer on the course. The gym sessions remove limitations holding the golfer back from playing their best golf which is then layered with a performance training to take their game to the next level. The gym isn’t just about getting stronger and developing more power in their golf swing! The LAB coaches focus on teaching them the importance of a healthy lifestyle, work ethic, positive body image, nutrition for optimal performance and help them develop life skills that breed self confidence. 


Answer from a current LAB Player during a goal setting exercise called “Who are you?”: 

I am LAB! I am a golfer who is committed to my coaching plan, I make fitness a part of my lifestyle,  I mentor those coming behind me while learning from the LAB members paving the road ahead of me. I am a part of a team that supports and encourages me to be my best. I have coaches that guide me on my journey by sharing their expertise and life experiences to help me develop as an individual both on and off the course. I am LAB! 


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Building relationships in the community and growing golf is a major focus at Applewood Auto Group. 

We recognize the great impact the coaches and staff at The Tour LAB and most importantly the LABsters program is having on youth sports.

We want to extend our relationship with the LAB team to you.  Please ask one of the LAB coaches about our partnership.  They will personally set up an appointment for you through the president of the company Glen Daman.

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The NEW Programs of 2019/20 LAB

The Big change to the 2019/20 LAB programs is the informal seperation of golf and fitness.  With the growth of both golf coaching and fitness coaching we had to create a better system.  Schedule is always the piece that brings the programs together.  We are built out new golf only options and schedules at the same time we are built fitness only options with its own schedule.  Some of the programs will have the option of overlapping times so you can do golf and fitness back to back as we always have.

This also helps the coaches keep better track of their respective players and schedule.

So we will be asking all players to register for golf and fitness seperate.  Prices will be different as golf and fitness coaches have different roles and ratios.  This also makes life easy for our golf only or fitness only students.

With LAB programs there will be minimum $20 off both golf and fitness if you sign up for both.  

We are still working hard on the best way to produce registration and schedule built into one place.  We dont want to much burden on the paretns or coaches to keep track.


not open yet


For the Online Registration

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Step 5 Choose the program your signing up for

Step 6 Get ready for your young golfer to love golf and get better


New Programs Coming soon

please email your coach or if you have any questions.

Open House August 24th 3:00-5:00

NO Programs Last week of August.  LAB starts the first week of September.

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