Chris Lutes

PGA of Canada Class "A" Teaching Professional 

Head of the LABSters Golf Program 

2016 PGA of BC Junior Leader of the Year

2018 PGA of BC Junior Leader of the Lower Mainland

Chris is internationally recognized as one of the most innovative and successful junior golf coaches in the game of golf. Although Chris works with golfers of all ages, it is his passion for helping the young golfers of tomorrow that has earned him multiple awards from the PGA of Canada and his peers for his work as a junior golf specialist.  By designing engaging games based learning environments Chris leads golfers to build their skills while instilling a love of play. Chris is a Class A member of the PGA Of Canada, a TPI Junior coach and US KIDS Certified Coach. 



1. What I do on my day off? When he isn’t sharing his love of golf with his students he can be found with his family likely at a lake with a slackline strung between trees.

2. Favorite club in your bag? His putter (no club gets more shots in the hole right ?!?). 

3. How do you mark your Titleist? His Titleist is marked with an orange dot beside the capital T 

4. Favorite pro golfer? Seve Ballesteros but in the modern game it would be Tiger Woods. 

5. Theme song to enter the ring? “20 Going On” by Tsunami bomb. 


​New Player Assessment    $89 for 1 Hour

Junior Rates

$140 per hour for non LAB players

$1200 per hour for LAB players

LAB player means doing Fitness

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